Hi! I'm Shiena,
a web desiner and digital marketer.

I'm a front-end web developer / designer based in Ottawa, Canada. I specialize in developing modern, fully responsive website that can convey your messages effectively to your audience.

I'm also a digital marketer, I aim help you improve your online presence, by solidifying your brand and providing insights on useful marketing tools as well as their set ups.

What I do



Consistency is very important to keep your brand solid and strong. Take advantages of various branding design services includes logo, posters, ad banners and social media graphic design.

Web Design

I am passionate about design, but looking good is not enough. My focus is to design user-friendly website that effectively demonstrates your brand image and your messages.

Web Development

I create a fully responsible website that is SEO optimized and fast at loading time. I develop website using WORDPRESS, which allows you to publish blog easily, even from your smart phone.

Social Media Setup

Social Media presence makes it easy to spread the word about your products / Services. Don't worry, we can help you set it up!


See how your website is performing by setting up analytics tools on your website! Receive your reports periodically as you wish!

I offer 2 hours of
FREE lecture on WORDPRESS .

Wordpress is a very popular content management tool that allows people to publish and manage their contents easily. There are also many useful plugins to help your business online. However, I know many people have never used them and some of you might be worried to implement it on your business.

Don't worry, I will provide some free lecture on WORDPRESS upon website development completion. I will let you go confidently with the knowledge of how to manage your website.As an option, I can also provide Web Management service for the website with a small subscription fee.

Do you want to discuss about your project?

Not sure how to start building your online presence? I offer free consultation.
Let's discuss what will be the best option for YOU to begin your Successful Online Business!