DIY guide to installing WordPress & WooCommerce for your online store

To install WordPress and WooCommerce to your hosting server may appear intimidating at first, but it is very simple, we are here to show you how! If you have not yet signed up for a hosting server, why not give SiteGround a try? You can have a look at SiteGround yourself at the link below:

In this DIY guide, we will show you how to install WordPress & WooCommerce to your website using SiteGround. We will separate this guide into two sections, WordPress & WooCommerce.

WordPress Installation

Once you have signup for the SiteGround WordPress hosting package and chose your domain name, you will receive all necessary login information in an E-mail from SiteGround.

1. Login to SiteGround.

siteground login prompt

2. Once you are logged in, navigate to the “Website” tab and select cPanel.

Siteground Cpanel status

3. Select WordPress Installer in your cPanel

Siteground Cpanel status

4. Click the blue box that says “Install”. Your Domain should automatically be populated, enter you site name, description, your admin login information, admin Email and ensure “WordPress Starter” is checked. Click “Install” for SiteGround to start your WordPress installation.

WP installation in progress bar

5. Wait for the progress bar to fill and you should receive an installation successful message. Click on the “Administrative URL” link and proceed to your WordPress website login.

WP installation notification prompt

Congratulation! You have successfully installed WordPress for you store!

WooCommerce Installation

The Administrative URL that you were provided by WordPress in Step 5 above is what you will use to login to your WordPress website from this point on. Keep following this guide to install WooCommerce on to your website.

  1. On the WordPress login screen, enter the Username and Password that you had created previously in Step 4 of WordPress installation and login.
WP login prompt screen

2. Once you logged in for the first time, you will see a WordPress Starter Wizard, following the wizard to setup your WordPress website.

WP Wizard starting screen

3. On your second screen, you will choose a theme, on the left, you will have a categories selection which helps you choose a design theme that best suits your need. Select the design theme that is most appealing to you. And make sure you have WooCommerce selected before clicking Confirm.

WP theme selection screen

4. On the next screen, select the functionalities you need and continue.

* Please note that some of these third-party functionality plugins may be restrictive if you don’t sign up for their subscription plan. You can always add or remove plugins later in the WordPress Plug-in management window

WP functionality selection

5. Select “Complete” to complete your first-time WordPress setup. And go to your dashboard to see the backend of your new website!

WP setup complete notification prompt

6. After you navigated to your dashboard, verify that you see “WooCommerce” on your left navigation bar.

Dashboard sample of WooCommerce

Congratulation! You have successfully installed WooCommerce for your store.

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