WHO is behind ShienaDesign

Shiena Smart

Shiena graduated with a Marketing Degree from Carleton University and holds a Website Design Certificate from an American College. With knowledge from both ends of the spectrum, it enables Shiena to utilize cutting-edge designs while applying marketing theories to create a website that is elegant, efficient and fits your needs.

Once a website has been created, this is not the end. It is necessary to enrich the content of your web pages everyday. Therefore, we aim to create a website that is easy to edit and manage for the administrators of your website.

As a freelancer, we do not outsource our projects. This ensures that we are able to address all your needs and wants as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether it is in person or via your preferred methods.

an image of Shiena Smart on the street

Visual Design

Strong and effective visual design to solidify your brand on the web.

  • Best use of spacing, typography & colors
  • Harmony, balance and consistency

User Experience

Easy to use for both visitors and web administrators.

  • 100% responsive user friendly website
  • Easy editing for web administrators

Clear Communication

Well organized information structure for clear communication.

  • Easy navigation with well structured messages
  • Better conversion rate with clear goals

high Performance

Enhanced security, performance and functionalities.

  • Optimized for security and page load speed
  • Many features available to suit your needs

Your Dream. Our Mission.

4 concepts that ShienaDesign values

ShienaDesign's 4 core value: Visual design, user experience, clear communication & high performance